Our journey: 2003 – 2021


In 2003, the love, knowledge and experience in coffee, urged the owner Mr. Manos Andrianakis to found Delmocca Specialty Coffee Roasters, a rising Greek espresso company, which competed with international coffee brands.

The company started dynamically with a small group of renowned and experienced people with the know-how in the coffee culture. Based in Athens, in a short time it conquered the whole Greece.


Delmocca Speciality Coffee Roasters was established as the first Greek Company in the market that embraced the philosophy of the 3rd Wave and the new coffee culture.

Having as a basic criterion the direct communication with the producers themselves worldwide, it made a significant difference since the beginning, ensuring and acquainting the most special varieties of coffee.

The selection process is always done, based on the tasteful profile of each raw bean and then the appropriate roasting profile is applied to each type of coffee. Moreover, we ensure our products’ superiority and stability, by conducting continuous tasting and training trials in order to offer the perfect Espresso.


We search and roast the worldwide top, green, raw – coffees. Our goal is to continuously research and highlight all their taste characteristics with constant consistency.

Furthermore, an important factor in the creation of quality products, with a special imprint on the taste of coffee, is the execution of each Barista. Our main axis is the multilevel training and education of our partners in order to achieve the best taste result.

We do not rest only on the skills of the barista; however, we carry out regular quality checks in your store, in order to ensure the ideal conditions for the preparation of Delmocca Speciality Coffee Roasters drinks.


We created our own house from the beginning, with an area of 2500sqm. We are now in a space with a modern production unit that operates based on ISO. This is a fairly large investment, based on which the company achieves the ability to produce more than 2,000,000 tons on an annual basis. We managed to configure the spaces so that we can employ more than 60 people on a daily basis. It was an investment set up originally, with the aim of staffing and supporting Delmocca Speciality Coffee Roasters and the other brands of the group.

Travel to Greece

Delmocca Speciality Coffee Roasters travels daily all over Greece through its network of partners who provide our products directly to the customer. We stay true to our philosophy, providing the best coffees for the first pleasure of your day.

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Μέσα σε μία δυναμική αγορά καφέ, η Delmocca, έχοντας μια μοναδική γκάμα προϊόντων, κατάφερε να στηρίξει εκατοντάδες επιχειρήσεις εστίασης όχι μόνο στον καφέ, αλλά και σε άλλα προϊόντα.