Water and its role in coffee production

In a cup of coffee, 98% is water and the remaining 2% consists of coffee substances, so we have an understanding of the extent to which water influences the quality of the beverage. Up until now, a lot of emphasis has been placed on coffee as a raw material, the espresso machine, the grinder and of course the “hand” of the barista in the preparation of an espresso beverage. Ultimately, however, all of this only covers 2% of the beverage.

For all these reasons, we at Delmocca pay particular attention to the quality of the water. A specialised technician makes all the necessary measurements and suggests the ideal solution for your shop. This results in a cup of higher quality coffee that highlights all its characteristics.

Water and coffee quality

Water is a living organism. As a consequence, the problems that can arise from water with negative quality characteristics (e.g. odours, chlorine, salts, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) are numerous and affect hygiene, the quality of coffee beverages and the operation of espresso machines. Where water is heated, there is a concentration of salts and scale formation, which dramatically increases maintenance costs if there is no water softening system (or any other water treatment method that is considered necessary).

In cases of small holes and perforations, further salt accumulation occurs, resulting in the malfunctioning of the machine. In any case, the choice of a suitable water treatment system for all types of commercial machines is made after an analysis of the water quality characteristics and an economical study by a qualified partner.

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