The SCA Coffee Diploma is an educational system that aims to meet the needs of all coffee professionals. It is a controlled and certified system whose curriculum is written and constantly updated by the best minds in the coffee industry.
It allows people who work in the coffee field professionally, to attend classes at locations and times of their choice, accumulating points each time they pass a certification with success.
Certifications are based on both technical knowledge and practical examinations.

Coffee Diploma sections

Coffee’s journey from seed to cup is divided in the following lessons, which in turn

are divided into levels 1 & 2:
Coffee Introduction (Level 1 only).
Green Coffee
Sensory Skills
Cutting and Filtering (Brewing)
Barista Skills (Barista Skills)

Barista Skills

Barista Skills certification is addressed to those who have as their main priority the regulation of the mill, to make the right espresso and the perfect cream for a cappuccino. This section allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee itself and to build practical skills with milk, latte art and of course to mention hygiene, safety, customer service and the basics for the business.

Barista Skills certification has three (3) different levels:

A) Foundation: It is aimed at young people or those who want to enter the coffee industry and is focused on the basic skills needed to set up a grinder to make espresso and cappuccino cream. No previous barista experience is required to attend it.

B) Intermediate: It offers a deeper understanding of the coffee itself and builds on the practical skills, which were acquired at the Foundation Level. Milk techniques, including latte art, workplace safety, hygiene issues, customer service, and the basic business operations. This certification is ideal for those who have previous experience as baristas.

C) Professional: It is made for professional baristas with a significant experience and who have successfully completed Intermediate Level. It actually includes a more scientific and managerial perspective on coffee and consequently how to make coffee-based beverages.

Introduction to Coffee

Introduction to Coffee is the ideal choice for anyone new in the industry or just passionate about coffee. The journey begins with coffee’s origin, Ethiopia and ends up in today’s world, where coffee nowadays is a valuable product, which is enjoyed by millions everywhere. It is a unique tour starting from the farms that collect the coffee cherries, following the processing, the roasting, the distillation and finally leading to the enjoyment of the perfect espresso. The seminar’s duration is half a day and includes tasting that allows you to try different flavors and experiences.

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